'Best Day Ever' UNPAINTED MDF sign


This unpainted raw MDF sign is 3 separate pieces and the height is 300mm (30cms) at the capital letters and 6mm thick. 


There are two fantastic font styles to choose from. Style 1 is first picture and Style 2 is the second picture. 


The size is 300mm high font at the first capital letter and the overall sizing is as follows:


Style 1 - Best - 760mm long Day - 740mm long Ever - 680mm long 


Style 2 - Best - 555mm long Day - 500mm long Ever - 510mm long


Overall length of each option would depend on how it is hung and the space given between each word. 


They are suitable as a wall hanging decoration for your wedding or special event.


Please note that the price does not include GST and will be added during purchase. 


Best Day Ever LARGE sign


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