• Want to customise some words? These individual Free Standing words are the perfect option.  


    The words are priced per word needed, so purchase the quantity of words required. For example - If you require 4 words you would enter 4 in the quantity box.  This listing is for a word with a first capital letter and the remaining letters as lower case. Not suitable for all upper case lettering.


    Sizes are:


    80mm (8 cms) high and 16mm thick. 

    100mm (10cm) high and 16mm thick. 

    150mm (15cm) high and 16mm thick

    200mm (20cm) high and 16mm thick


    Length will depend on the height and word requested


    Material: 16mm thick unpainted MDF


    To Purchase:


    1. Select size


    2. Select font style


    3. Leave a note for the words required - priced per word. 


    4. Enter quantity of words requested


    Maximum 9 letters per word. Please note that words joined with an &, - (hyphen) etc are considered two words. Letters such as j, g, y, p will be raised to ensure signs are free standing. 


    Custom Freestanding Words